'68 Satellite 318 EFI Conversion Pics
This will be updated as time allows: grimer@grimers.com
Component list:
  • Fairly worn stock '68 318, single exhaust
  • A somewhat rusty '68 Wagon
  • GM 1227747 Truck TBI ECM, base calibration will be a 305 or 350 TH400 calibration '91 Camaro TBI harness, moded for use with a '747 ECM
  • 305 fuel injectors in a small bore throttle body (4.3/305/350)
  • '73 340 spread-bore intake mainfold
  • Mopar 2.2/2.5 heated 02 sensor
  • Mopar Lean-Burn dist driving a GM ignition module
  • Inline VSS sensor from JTR
  • Volkswagon external fuel pump
The vehicle in need of Fuel Injection.
GM 4.3 TBI on a GM 454 intake adapter
on a '73 340 spread bore intake
Fuel pump pickup w/ added return line.
Unneeded wire removed from the '91 Camaro TBI harness after conversion to '747 ECM
The harness ready for assembly, all seperated & tagged.
System being bench.....era.."chair" tested
New fuel line with filter
Early mopar Six-Pack experiment......ummmmmmm..????????????????????
In-line speed sensor
oxygen sensor installation
Custom wiring harness fabrication
Delco coil and ignition module mounted on firewall.
Connection 1: module to ECM
Connection 2: module to coil
Connection 3: module to chrysler lean-burn distributor
Custom installation of the "CHECK ENGINE" lite.....
carefully removed from an 89 Ford!!!!!
2/22/02.It runs!! ......like crap..but it runs
10$ laptop linked to ECM...... to find out why it runs like crap
ENGINE TUNING,in the living room.
Several chips later it was decided that injectors from a 350 should be installed. Like a good HB, this 318 likes to swallow a lot of juice.
Picture of engine with stock air filter housing adapted to fit the GM tbi
This is the fuel pump,that left me stranded on the side of the road.

Note the rot hole circled in the picture!