A high speed race through the woods at the
Milton S. Ritter Memorial Automotive Endurance Testing Grounds!

Mint '81 Cougar XR-7 ice-cold AC, PS, PB, PW, power buckets not a scratch on it and no rust.

'75 Ford Brady Bunch Edition Country Squire, 400M cast chunk o crap with PBR skidmark underware color interior working AC
If you happen to get a flat tire, be sure you have enough

And of course,always follow the car maufacturer's tire-change procedure.
Safety First! NOT

Racing through the woods at high speeds
may be hazardous to your vehicle's health!

Note usage of jack to keep gas pedal in the"floored" position.This type of set-up is usually not needed when blowing-up Ford engines,being that they give up very quickly unlike a Mopar engine.
Even the ladies sometimes enjoy a nite out in the great outdoors!