Site Evaluations
Unorganized Stupidity
Alcohol Disposal Services
Everything except Samuel Adams - we don't have a NYS DEC toxic waste permit for that crap.
Grimers for a reason, dumbass
TV Repair Shop
New or old we treat it like crap
Sandpit Sightseeing Safari's
The only thing better than a dirt nap
'73 Duster
A truly respectful final salute to one of the finest examples of what beer guzzling, pot smoking, tv-watching lazy americans can build
Dueling Wagons
What do you do with 2 FoMoCo products that you picked up at a yard sale for $10 each??
'75 Valiant
Another "kill a slant-6" attempt
Power Conversion
Proof that alcohol and electricity DO mix
Hydraulic Lumberjack
20 tons of gasoline powered fun in the sun