Site Evaluations

Got one really nice WW2-era drillpress on a cleanout job but it's got the original three-phase motor. Grimers.Com isn't lucky enough to be situated in a building with 3-phase power. But via the modern miracles of the Internet, lots of scrap capacitors, and a few cold ones we'll get this fucker running
One 1944 Rockwell (now Delta) drillpress
It's possible to run a 3-phase motor on 2-phase power by using banks of capacitors to synthasize the 3rd phase leg. Regulation on it isn't too good as the voltage will vary under load (I said "load" heh heh uhhh huuuuh), but it's suitable for occasional use tools like this one. By using banks of capacitors and THIS SCHEMATIC it'll work fine. Here's one tabletop of caps joined with "Mopar Quick Change Fuseable Links" for calibration. Yeah, every connection is live 240vac.
The finished calibration. Now it just needs to be mounted (uhhhh huh huhhhh I said "mount" uhhh huh huh huuuuh)
All ready to go. Note HD contactor from the Industrial Test dumpster raid event, no kill like an overkill.